Swat: Widely known as the Switzerland of Pakistan is rebounding again after a long and dark period of militancy and extremism which severely affected the tourism industry of Swat valley.

The recent Alpine ski competition which was held at Malamjabba ski resort, in which 17 international players from 12 different countries participated. The event was first of its kind in Pakistan and it showed how peaceful Swat has become for national and international tourists.


Apart from that, domestic tourism has considerably increased and the hotel industry in Swat is once again booming at a remarkable pace and has been seen as the major economic contributor to the valley.

Aziz khan, who is the owner of Aljazeera hotel at Fizaghat, told korbah.com that he is absolutely amazed and overjoyed at how his business has grown recently and the number of overnight stays rose 13% compared to the same period last year in 2016.

According to the recent survey published by Swat Hotels Association, that travelers have enjoyed a very comforting experience in Swat during the past few months of their stay and were very pleased with the quality of services offered at very affordable prices.

Speaking to Chairman Swat Hotels Association Zahid khan, he personally lauded the efforts of korbah.com and its vision to promote tourism in Swat by launching the first ever cheapest hotel booking platform in Swat valley.