What are the two options of Normal and Partner user in sign up form?

Normal user sign up is when you only want to book a service with us. While Partner user sign up gives you the access to our dashboard, where you can register your property with us.

How can i make a reservation on korbah.com?

You can either sign up with us and make your reservation online anytime or you can call us on 03139784463 to make your reservation over the phone from Monday to Sunday 9 am till 5 pm.

How do i pay for my booking?

You can either pay now as you book, by making an online bank transfer to our Bank account or Easy paisa account or you can pay cash later at the hotel’s front desk.

Note: Some hotels have a compulsory partial or full advance payment policy to book with them.

How do i cancel my booking?

Its easy to cancel your booking on your user dashboard on our website ( subject to availability of cancellation option on your dashboard as per hotel cancellation policy ) or you can simply call us on 03139784463 to cancel your booking.

How do i get my refund?

Refund shall be made as per hotel’s cancellation policy. If you have confirmed your reservation via bank transfer, Guests will get a refund in their bank account within 10 working days from korbah.com.

If it’s a cash booking and you have paid at the reception, you will get a refund from the hotel management as per their policies.

When will my property go online?

Once you’re all signed up and we’ve reviewed your information, we’ll publish your property online.

What kinds of photos should I upload?

We recommend that you upload photos that showcase both the inside and the outside of your property. They don’t need to be professional photos – photos with a smartphone will still give your guests a good impression of the space.

How do I find out how much commission I'll pay for bookings?

When you add your property to korbah.com, you pay commission for each booking. The commission percentage will be shown at the “Agreement” step of the registration process. At the end of every week or month, we’ll send you an invoice with the amount of commission owed.

How do guests pay for their bookings?

Guests will usually pay you for their bookings when they arrive at your property or they will pay us instead and we shall clear guest’s payments. Meanwhile, We are also working on providing more options for accepting payments from guests.

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